New businesses in Ostrava city centre

Fresh overview of new businesses in Ostrava city centre.

Česká verze: Nové podniky v centru Ostravy

New Town Barpershop
The barber sibling of Old Town Barbershop opened its doors. The company is located at S. K. Neumanna 7.
FB New Town Barbershop

There is also a stylish barber arising on the corner of Na Hradbách and Zeyer’s streets.

Dej si
In the passage Vesmír a new patisserie has been opened. The arrangement of interior furniture is suitable especially for moms with prams. However, the rest of the visuals and window billboards are rather worse.

Pizza Coloseum

The Astoria restaurant on Masaryk Square will soon be replaced by the Pizza Coloseum. There should also a grocery store arise. Read more in an article in Deník.


On Českobratrská street, right next to the popular soup shop Polívkárna , a new Pelmeški shop is originating.

There is a new small bistro and café at Nádražní Street coming into existence.

Food Atelier

A new stylish and high quality restaurant is going to open at the Hlubina mine area.

Food Atelier Chef Club is a unique gastronomic concept that combines a cooking school, a chef table and an industrial interior of Compress Hall in Ostrava Vitkovice. All this has been patronated by David Valíček, the first Czech chef to cook in the world’s most luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

FB Food Atelier

Zábavní centrum Horník

Amusement center Horník – an unconventional leisure center, the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic! X Laser game and X Virtuality have added a new activity – Archery game, and at the same time switched to a unique name inspired by the place where the activities are placed. The Hornik amusement center is a place where fun, movement and modern technologies have been combined.

Archery game is a game combining archery and paintball, the goal of which is to shoot the opposing team or hit the opponent´s targets.

FB Zábavní centrum Horník


The second cat café in the city center has opened in Stodolni Street. More specifically on Poděbradova street 23.

FB Kočcafé

Kurnik Šopa Hospoda ²

The popular Kurnik Šopa pub offering a wide selection of beers has opened its second branch close to Božena Němcová park on Myslebkova 13 Street. Read more in an article in Patriot Magazine.

FB Kurnik Šopa Hospoda ² 


This company moved to the office space of Nová Karolina Park. Zoot is the largest Czech internet shop with fashion and home accessories with more than twenty outlets across the country. You just order, try on, and pay only what suits you at the issuing counter.

Czech Hookah Club

A premium pipe company has been established on Čs. Legií 152/8 street.

FB Czech Hookah Club

The neighboring retail space is under reconstruction right now…

Laura coffee

Laura is an inherent part of the Hrabůvka city district, but it has moved to the center to Hornopolní street 933/36 due to the ongoing reconstruction of the Železňák shopping center. After the reconstruction, the café should be back. However, if it takes hold, it could also remain in the center.


The Sushi GóKaNá restaurant is moving from Stodolní street into the premises of previous ScanSen restaurant on Zámecká Street. The neighboring younger Moss bistro should expand into the released space. Read more in an article in Patriot Magazine.

The fur shop at Sýkorovův most has been replaced by the antique shop. A new bakery was opened a little onwards. Unfortunately, after the Hranečník terminal was put into operation and the passengers were forced to transfer  3 km away from here, pedestrian decrease has evolved and various businesses have been steadily taking their turns here.

The non-hospitable boozer Alibaba has definitely left the city center.

The article follows up the previous reports, see hashtag #podniky-en (always below the title), or the related articles …

Apart from the exceptions we are trying to survey the area of the historical center of Ostrava. Should you know about other emerging businesses or you are possibly about to open a new one, let us know via the contact form or write into comments.

Translation: Radka Matějová, děkujeme. ;)

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