New businesses in Ostrava city centre

New and upcoming businesses in the Ostrava city center on February 2018.

Česká verze: Nové podniky v centru Ostravy

U Gustava

U Gustava is a new stylish bar where you can taste some interesting drinks. The bar is located on Tyršova Street next to the DM drugstore.

FB U Gustava



A new bistro and café was built on Nádražní Street. The interior is created with a taste for design and is pretty eye-catching.

FB PetPunk


Salon Wittová

On the ground floor of the New Karolina Park office building Salon Wittová opened a hairdressing salon.

Cross Café

On the corner of Zámecká and Puchmajerova street is a new café by Cross Café chain.


Just Donuts‘ authors come to the center of Ostrava with another „cuisine news“. The SPOT is a continuation of Pikolo café and will become a new place for selling sandwiches and coffee. The café is located at Msgre Šrámka Square 1683/6.


Čs. Legií street
Several new things are being prepared on this street. One of the important events will be opening of the Jiří Myron Theater buildings after reconstruction, where, among other things, will be a new arcade with a café.

But now back to businesses.

Delicious Bistro


Right next to the above mentioned bistro is another space in reconstruction.

And another commercial space in reconstruction is also nearby.

We have found Či ja vim coffebar on the social network, which one of the above locations should it be, we don’t know yet.

FB Či ja vim coffebar


Pelmeški, a bistro with this russian delicacy, is opening very soon.

FB Pelmeški

INNpoint vol. 2

Popular hookah bar INN has opened a second branch on Poděbradova street 18.


Café on Sokolská třída street
A new café was set up in an object where the popular Indian Nepal Makalu restaurant is also located. The name of the café is not visible from the outside.


Fénix Café

This new café should open soon on 28. října street.


Many businesses in the city center are being refurbished, which means we will have a very rich spring for new names. Unfortunately, for most areas, we do not know what exactly will be the result, as we are limited to what is visible from the sidewalk.

The Ton design shop on the 28. října street is being replaced by some other business.

Former electrical appliances shop is being reconstructed to something else on Nádražní street..


Českobratrská street

28. října street, near the Miloš Sýkora bridge.

On the ground floor of the Rezidence Karolina, the second fast-food branch of Poe Poe is in construction. The first one arose before Christmas at Sýkorův Most bus stop on the corner of the 28. října / Sokolská třída streets.

Some several well-established businesses have already moved. The COKAFE espresso bar moved from Poštovní street to Nádražní street (right next to Stodolní tram stop), where it replaced Šatlava’s pub. On the other side of Vesmír passage entrance is new Můj obchod groceries. The popular Kofi Lab café is heading from Antonín Macka street to the new premises not yet known to the public. Potrefená Husa restaurant is being moved from the Stodolní street to the Laso department store.

The article follows up the previous reports, see hashtag #podniky (always below the title), or the related articles …

Apart from the exceptions we are trying to survey the area of the historical center of Ostrava. Should you know about other emerging businesses or you are possibly about to open a new one, let us know via the contact form or write into comments.

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